Experience the change with The Uniset® Effect.

Our innovative trio consists of a primer, foundation, and powder that together create The Uniset® Effect: base makeup with exceptional long-lasting results and a natural finish.

The word Uniset® is a combination of the words 'unifying' and 'setting'.

Common questions

For how long does the skin stay matte?

It's different for everyone, many people find that the skin stays matte from morning to evening but it depends on how much oil the skin produces and how much product you use. Most people who get a little glow in their skin during the day think it's nice because the products still sit nicely on the skin and don't come off or feel greasy.

There are a few tricks for a more absorbent effect:

  • Mix in a drop of our primer into the foundation. Our foundation is buildable so you can still build up to your desired coverage
  • Apply more primer on oilier areas. Let the primer dry and set into the skin before applying the foundation if you feel like you need it.
  • Use a compact powder brush and dab/buff the powder onto your oily areas. The powder has a thin and soft texture, if  you have a compact brush you can dab on a lot of powder and it will still look nice.
  • Try a different day cream/moisturizer or dab off excess day cream on areas with a lot of oiliness (after having let the day cream sink into the skin for a while).
Do I have to use all 3 Uniset® products?

The products are designed to have the best oil-absorbing effect when used together, but they also work great on their own. The only important thing to keep in mind is that the foundation is not absorbent alone, but is created to sit well on oily skin.

For example: 

  • Add primer and powder only to your t-zone. 
  • Only use the primer without makeup on top.
  • Use the whole trio during the summer but only our foundation during the winter (if your skin tends to get dry during the winter)
  • Adapt the level of coverage with our buildable foundation
  • Or get less coverage by adding a drop of primer to our foundation
  • You can add highlighter or mist if you are going for more glow rather than a matte finish

Foundation shades

Puder shades

Lättvikts foundation

Vi har skapat vår Lightweight Foundation för att ge dig en hudliknande finish som lätt smälter in i din hud med en byggbar medium täckning. Den fluffiga men lätta texturen förvandlas till en formel med en mjukfokuseffekt som ger dig den perfekta balansen mellan en matt och glödig look. Den innovativa kombinationen av ingredienser gör att foundationen fäster mer effektivt på huden vilket skapar ett långvarigt resultat som håller din makeup från att blekna under dagen och förhindrar att den blir kakig.