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About us.

Minolei is a niche brand with base makeup especially designed for you with oily and combination skin.

Our passion lies in solving the makeup challenges that many with oily skin experience as we know how difficult it can be to find products that are long-lasting and comfortable on the skin. Every product we create must deliver a solution and make a difference for you with oily and combination skin, regardless of whether you use the products together or separately.

Meet the founders.

Minolei is founded by the two makeup artists, Emma Filipsson and Helena Amiley.

The idea for Minolei first arose when Helena, who has very oily skin herself, couldn’t find products for herself or her customers that would last on the skin without dissolving shortly after application. She would barely be finished with her eye makeup before she wanted to touch up her powder and after three hours the skin had produced so much oil that it was completely shiny. The only solution back then, was to teach herself and others how to touch up the makeup throughout the day.

Emma, who had previously been working with developing new and existing beauty brands, had always wanted to start her own business. Emma and Helena found each other through Helenas beauty blog and teamed up together. After almost three years of product development, the innovative new makeup brand created specifically for oily and combination skin was launched during the summer of 2023 - which after many hours of brainstorming got the name Minolei. 

Fun fact: the name Minolei is inspired from Latin and means “less oil”.


Emma Filipsson & Helena Amiley

Connecting cosmetics.

The word connection is a key word that permeates everything we do. Connecting Cosmetics for us means both that our products are designed to "connect" and complement each other. But also that we want to connect with you and create an atmosphere where we can talk about the skin in a positive sense and inspire each other.

Our values.

Passion - Created by experts with their own experience of oily skin. We put our heart and soul into solving the makeup challenges that many with oily and combination skin experience.

New thinking - We strive to think outside the box to create smart and innovative products that make a difference and we constantly continue to develop. 

Easy - We are innovative and new thinking, but always aim to create uncomplicated products that are easy to use for a carefree look and come with descriptions that are easy to understand.

Uplifting - Inclusive and feel good, we show real skin and always spread positive energy!

Connected - Create an atmosphere where we talk about skin in a positive sense, have a good relationship with our customers and we inspire each other.

Better together - great on its own.

Designed to be used together, but also works perfectly solo.

For oily and combination skin.

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