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Experience the change with The Uniset® Effect.

At Minolei, we believe that everyone should be able to feel comfortable and confident in their skin. That’s why we’ve carefully developed our unique trio of products and what we call - The Uniset® Effect.

Designed specifically for oily and combination skin, the Uniset® Effect is the elevated result you get from using our Uniset® Oil-Absorbing Primer, Uniset® Lightweight Foundation and Uniset® Oil-Absorbing Powder in a simple 3-step makeup routine. When used step by step, the formulas connect and seamlessly work together to help tackle your shiny areas by creating a long-lasting matte result that feels light on skin. 

The word “Uniset” is a combination of the words “unifying” and “setting”.

How does it work exactly?

Our Uniset® Lightweight Foundation is a lightweight layer between the highly oil-absorbing primer and powder, which helps the three products connect together for a long-wearing matte and silky finish. We’ve crafted the formulas so they don’t dry out the skin, they simply take care of the excess moisture on the surface that naturally escapes the skin, like oil and sweat.

Except for the products being vegan and perfume free, they can also be used separately. If you don’t feel like doing the complete routine every day or you just enjoy the products individually, they work great on their own as well. But to achieve and experience the ultimate Uniset® Effect, we always recommend that you use our products together.

Better together - great on its own.

Designed to be used together, but also works perfectly solo.

For oily and combination skin.

Discover the change with
The Uniset® Effect