Makeup Products

Base that stays.

Swedish award-winning innovation. We've taken it to a new level - base makeup re-invented for exceptional long wear and a natural flawless finish.

Long-lasting base makeup.

Hydrating formulas that suit all skin types. Great on their own or in pairs, depending on the result you desire and how much challenges your base makeup needs to withstand.

When The Uniset® Trio is used together, you achieve a new level of long wear!

Award-winning innovation.

We are bursting with joy! In memory of Alfred Nobel, our makeup concept has won an innovation award!

Swedish Beauty Awards.

The winner of Best Base Product 2024 is… Minolei Uniset® Powder! Created by Swedish makeup artists.

Loved by makeup artists and skincare enthusiasts
Loved by makeup artists and skincare enthusiasts
I always get compliments when I use Minolei Uniset® trio as my base. I have to highlight the powder for what it truly is – an amazing product! It's easy to dose without spilling half the jar. It gives an even and smooth base that stays matte where you want it. I never want to be without it!
— Lejla Mehinović, Esthetician @Lejlazzz
Loved by makeup artists and skincare enthusiasts
The products impressed us with their fantastic durability and smart packaging. They quickly became favorites among our students during our makeup training.
— Makeup Education, Makeup by Claudia & Beauty by Raya