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Makeup for shining people

Say goodbye to an oily face and let your personality shine though with our all new, innovative base makeup

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Shine. Without Sheen. Base makeup that absorbs and controls the oiliness of your skin. Flawless finish and long-lasting results. Developed for oily and combination skin. Discover the change. Connecting

Makeup for shining people.

It's here! The ultimate base makeup trio designed specifically for oily and combination skin. Ready to help you tackle your excess shine areas with a 3-step routine that gives you a comfortable matte and long-lasting smooth result. We call it - The Uniset® Effect.

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The solution to your daily makeup challenges.

Long-lasting finish

Silky smooth feel

Highly oil-absorbing

Lasted all day

"Incredible and impressive matte finish that really lasted all day without having to touch up the makeup. I was amazed every time I looked in the mirror!"

- From our test panel, using Uniset® Trio

Matte around the nose

“A gorgeous and covering natural look. But the best part was that I wasn't oily in the t zone!! The combo of a naturally beautiful look and being matte around the nose was absolutely unbeatable!”

- From our test panel, using Uniset® Trio


"Absolutely lovely! Gives me confidence throughout the day and by far the best I've ever tried and I've tried basically everything on the market."

- From our test panel, using Uniset® Trio

About us.

Minolei is a niche brand with base makeup especially designed for you with oily and combination skin. Our passion lies in solving the makeup challenges that many with oily skin experience as we know how difficult it can be to find products that are long-lasting and comfortable on the skin. Every product we create must deliver a solution and make a difference for you with oily and combination skin, regardless of whether you use the products together or separately. Minolei is founded by the two makeup artists, Emma Filipsson and Helena Amiley. Fun fact: the name Minolei is inspired from Latin and means “less oil”.