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Color: Shade 100
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Our Oil-Absorbing Powder is a shine-controlling loose powder that gives you a soft and silky matte finish. The oil-absorbing features in the powder help set and control excess sebum that escapes the skin throughout the day, making it stay oil free longer. It contains ingredients with a light-diffusing effect that minimizes the appearance of pores and preserves the skin's natural hydration. The powder also comes in a new clever jar that is leakage-proof and you can twist it until you get just the right amount of powder that you prefer.  

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Uniset® Oil-Absorbing Powder is the third and last step in our  3-step routine to achieve The Uniset® Effect. Apply and connect it with our Uniset® Oil-Absorbing Primer and Lightweight Foundation for the complete effect.

You can still pull off a glowy look if you want to, just add your favorite highlighter to your preferred areas.

Dermatologically tested


Perfume free

Lets the skin breathe

Choose your shade:

Shade 100 (Translucent): Match with Minolei foundation Shade 10-50

Shade 200 (Translucent): Match with Minolei foundation Shade 60-80

Key ingredients:

Organic Tapioca starch – Absorbs excess oil and sweat, beneficial in humid environments. Soft and silky texture.

Magnesium carbonate – Oil-absorbing properties that encapsulates the sebum, which keeps the oil from breaking down your makeup.

Silica - Oil-absorbing properties, light-diffusing effect and a silky, lightweight texture

Application tips

Our Oil-Absorbing Powder is easy to apply and blend into the skin. Twist towards Open to open the jar and then twist towards Close to release your preferred amount of powder.

Apply with your choice of brush. We recommend buffing extra powder with a more dense brush on more oily areas for an increased shine-controlling result.

Oh, and thanks to the smart no-mess application system in the powder jar, once you've twisted it to Close it prevents the powder from leaking. Hygienic and handbag-friendly!

9,5 g

Content & ingredients

Magnesium carbonate, Tapioca starch, Silica, Triethyl citrate, Glyceryl caprylate, Benzoic acid, Sodium lauroyl glutamate, Lysine, Magnesium chloride. May contain (+/-) : CI 77492 (iron oxides), CI 77491 (iron oxides), CI 77499 (iron oxides)

Oil-controlling & long-wear:

Magnesium carbonate - By absorbing and encapsulating excess oil it helps to mattify the skin and improves the longevity of the makeup. Provides a more balanced and less oily appearance. It also helps  create a smooth and silky texture, allowing for easy application that blends seamlessly into the skin without flashback effect.

Tapioca starch - An organic natural ingredient with excellent oil-absorbing properties. A soft and silky texture that contributes to the lightweight and comfortable feel of the powder. It also helps to absorb excess moisture and sweat on the skin which is particularly beneficial in humid environments. 

Silica - Excellent oil-absorbing properties and a light-diffusing effect that helps to minimize the appearance of fine lines and pores. Contributes to the smoothness and velvety feel of the powder.

Triethyl citrate - Helps to bind the ingredients together in powder makeup. Has oil-controlling properties, providing a more matte appearance and prolonging the wear of the makeup throughout the day.

Silky feel:

Glyceryl caprylate - Improves the sensory experience of the powder and helps to create a lightweight texture. 

Sodium lauroyl glutamate – Enhances the spreadability, making the powder glide smoothly on to the skin. Derived from natural sources and known for its mildness and low irritation potential.

Skin nourishing:

Lysine –  Known for its skin nourishing properties. Helps support the skin's natural repair process and provides antioxidant protection, reducing the damage caused by free radicals.

Magnesium chloride - Has antibacterial properties that can be beneficial for individuals with acne-prone skin. Improves the viscosity of powder products.

Pigments & preservatives:

Benzoic acid - A preservative with antimicrobial properties that help to inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi. 

Iron oxides - Natural cosmetic pigments.

Customer Reviews

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Glenn C.

Bästa pudret!

Emma A.
Alltså wow!

Har beställt det kompletta kit:et två gånger nu och detta är de bästa produkterna i sminkväg jag någonsin provat! Tog en nyans för ljus fondation första gången (funkade ändå!) men ändrade till andra beställningen och wow! Idag cyklade jag över 1 mil i solsken och blåst, kom fram helt flawless och fräsch med allt på plats. Detta utan att behöva använda några mängder av produkterna. Nu har jag jämn och fin hy generellt men blir alltid (!) oljig av minsta lilla. Men inte med dessa produkter. Jag använder väldigt små mängder så det räcker länge men täcker helt otroligt bra. Det är nog första gången jag beställt något på nätet efter reklam OCH blivit mer än nöjd. Japp, ni håller vad ni lovar och jag kommer inte använda något annat smink ever again.

Superbra puder!

Väldigt nöjd med alla tre produkter och pudret är inget undantag. Ger en fin, matt yta och håller toppenbra!

Do I need all 3 products?

The products work great on their own or paired up, depending on the results you desire and how challenging it is for your base makeup to hold.

When using the entire trio together, you achieve a new level of long wear! This can be especially beneficial in hot climates, on sweaty days, during physical activities, and on oily areas.