Experience the change with The Uniset® Effect.

Our innovative trio consists of a primer, foundation, and powder that together create The Uniset® Effect: base makeup with exceptional long-lasting results and a natural finish.

The word Uniset® is a combination of the words 'unifying' and 'setting'.

Do I need all 3 products?

The products work great on their own or paired up, depending on the results you desire and how challenging it is for your base makeup to hold.

When using the entire trio together, you achieve a new level of long wear! This can be especially beneficial in hot climates, on sweaty days, during physical activities, and on oily areas.

How does it work exactly?

When applying your makeup: Our formulas are designed to seamlessly blend together when you apply them step by step. They connect with each other, creating a natural finish on all skin types while providing exceptionally long-lasting results.

Throughout the day: The encapsulating properties also protects your base makeup from melting or breaking down during the day. Very much needed in hot weather, on sweaty days, oily areas and during physical activities.

Is the finish matte or glowy?

You can easily create a soft matte or very glowy base with our products, depending on your preferences.

For a glowy base: A popular method is to apply primer and powder only to the T-zone where you want to reduce excess shine or prevent your foundation from fading. You can also use glow products for a more glowy look.

For a matte base: Simply apply a larger amount of powder for a natural soft matte finish.

Will my skin stay shine-free all day?

On very oily areas, the skin may develop a glow when your makeup becomes infused with oil. Your base makeup remains intact, and the skin doesn't feel greasy.

Our powder has a highly oil-absorbing yet silky smooth formula. If you want a matte finish from morning to night, it will be enough to touch up with powder just once, while maintaining a natural-looking finish.