About us.

About Minolei.

We are a Swedish niche brand with base makeup designed to achieve exceptionally long-lasting results. Created by makeup artist.

A new innovative concept that has won an innovation award in memory of Alfred Nobel!

Our passion lies in solving the base makeup challenges that many people experience, as we know how difficult it can be to find products that stay evenly and flawlessly on the skin throughout the day.

Meet the founders.

We're Emma Filipsson and Helena Amiley, two makeup artists from Sweden.

The most common question we receive is 'How do I achieve a more long-lasting makeup?' With 10 years in the beauty industry, we teamed up to start something new!

After nearly 3 years of product development, we proudly launched our brand in August 2023 - which, after countless hours of brainstorming, was named Minolei.

Connecting cosmetics.

The word connection is a key word that permeates everything we do. Connecting Cosmetics for us means both that our products are designed to "connect" and complement each other. But also that we want to connect with you and create an atmosphere where we can talk about the skin in a positive sense and inspire each other.