For us at Minolei, sustainability is a strong and important pillar. We strive to be conscious about our production and processes and we always aim to be as fair and considerate as possible toward mankind as well as nature, throughout our entire business.

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100% vegan

All of our products are vegan. 

Cruelty free

We will never allow animal testing of any kind of our products. That includes third party entities in other markets outside of the EU. 

Packaging and design

Our primer, foundation, and powder have recyclable packaging made of 100% plastic and can be easily sorted in plastic recycling. When possible, we will always choose packaging made up of one type of material (instead of a mix of plastic, metals and mirrors) in order to make recycling easier.

Our pretty and speckled cartons are made from waste material from cocoa bean shells, the material is FSC™ certified and contains 40% recycled material.

We believe in 'less is more' in as many aspects as possible, including printing techniques and color choices. That’s why we have chosen a color palette that will work with recycled plastic and natural materials in the future. Currently, our innovative formulas are not compatible with these materials, but we are constantly searching for better solutions moving forward.


In our warehouse, the products are packed using an automatic packing machine that scans each order and customizes the packaging material for each package. Thanks to this, we do not transport large amounts of air and can pack with less material.

Our products and components are transported from suppliers using sea and road freight as we try to avoid air transportation as much as possible.


We of course follow the cosmetics legislation within the EU that pertains to cosmetics production and use of ingredients (Regulation nr 1223/2009.) as well as the national cosmetic legislation for Sweden. We also have our own internal blacklist of ingredients that we do not approve of being used in our formulas.