Sometimes it can be difficult to know which shade of foundation to choose, especially when shopping online. That's why we've created a shade-guide to help you along the way when you are choosing which foundation suits your skin tone the best.


We have developed a medium-coverage foundation that has a slightly transparent formula and a neutral color scale that neither goes more towards the warm nor the cold direction. This means that your own undertone shines through and you can easily choose a shade based on how light/deep your skin tone is, regardless of whether your undertone is cool, warm, neutral or olive.

Because of this, each shade has a range, where two people with slightly different skin tones can use the same foundation shade with equally great results. Below, you can see examples of two people with different undertones, who are both wearing foundation shade Shade 30:

Our foundation is buildable, so you can easily build up the degree of coverage on desired areas. At the same time, the medium coverage formula also allows freckles to shine through.

Swatch - Minolei Uniset® Lightweight Foundation.


Our color range consists of 8 foundation shades:

Shade 10 - Suits you with a very light skin tone
Shade 20 & Shade 30 - Suits you with a light skin tone
Shade 40 & Shade 50 - Suits you with a medium skin tone
Shade 60 & Shade 70 - Suits you with a deep skin tone
Shade 80 - Suits you with a very deep skin tone

Minolei Uniset® Lightweight Foundation swatch

Choose the right shade of your Minolei foundation.

To make it even easier when you are choosing the right foundation shade, we have also created images where you can see each shade on different faces:

If you complete your makeup with our Uniset® Oil-Absorbing Powder, we recommend that you match your foundation with the following shade of powder:

  • Match foundation Shade 10 - Shade 50 with powder Shade 100.
  • Match foundation Shade 60 - Shade 80 with powder Shade 200.

You can shop our Uniset® Lightweight Foundation here

We hope this guide has helped you become more confident in your choice of foundation shade. If not, just connect with us and we’d be happy to help you with more advice!