Makeup for oily skin.

Finding long-lasting makeup for oily skin that tends to get shiny can be difficult. Most people with oily skin have at some point experienced mascara that smudges off under the eyebrows, or a really shiny T-zon shortly after having applied your makeup. The challenge is not only that the skin becomes oily and shiny, but also that the oil dissolves the makeup so that it doesn’t last long on the skin.

We at Minolei wanted to find a solution to the makeup challenges that come with having oily and combination skin.


The 5 most common makeup challenges experienced by those with combination and oily skin:

  1. The reason makeup doesn't last long on oily skin is because the oil in the skin dissolves the makeup, causing it to fade and come off during the day.
  2. Touching up the makeup several times during the day is not only time-consuming, but often gives a cakey and uneven result.
  3. Mattifying makeup can enhance dry areas for those with combination skin or those whose skin conditions change depending on the season. It is common to have dry areas while having oily skin.
  4. Many people with oily skin also have problems with mascara smudging because oil can dissolve mascara, even if it is waterproof.
  5. Even if the finish is matte immediately after application, this does not always mean that the skin remains oil-free for long, but can still become greasy and shiny quickly.

These makeup challenges can be frustrating, especially on special days when you really want your makeup to last without having to touch it up so often. After several years of product development and testing on different skin types, we at Minolei have created and designed products that help solve these challenges.

5 advantages that you get with Minolei:

  1. Our Uniset® Oil-Absorbing Primer and Uniset® Oil-Absorbing Powder are highly absorbent formulas for oily skin that absorb and encapsulate the oil inside the makeup, which helps prevent the oil from dissolving your makeup and thus making it more durable throughout the day.
  2. The highly absorbent properties keep the skin shine-free for a long time and our powder has a light texture, so if you want to touch up your makeup, it won't give a cakey or uncomfortable result.
  3. Together with our Uniset® Lightweight Foundation, our product trio is designed to blend seamlessly with each other for a durable matte finish that feels light on the skin. Our primer and foundation are also moisturizing with skin care ingredients. The products are designed to not dry out the skin, which is important even when you have oily skin.
  4. Mattifying makeup that keeps oily skin matte during the day also means that mascara doesn't smudge as easily.
  5. Our Uniset® trio keeps the skin oil-free for longer. If you want a glowy look, you can easily apply highlighter or mist to your desired areas.

We have created Minolei to be your new go-to for base makeup for oily and combination skin. 

Get our Uniset® Trio here.