The Uniset® Trio

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Uniset® Lightweight Foundation (Color): Shade 10
Uniset® Oil-Absorbing Powder (Color): Shade 100
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We've created an exclusive offer when you purchase our product trio together. Just pick your shade and you'll be experiencing The Uniset® Effect in no time.

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Uniset® Foundation

We've created our Lightweight Foundation to give you a skin-like finish that blends effortlessly into your skin with a buildable medium coverage. The fluffy yet lightweight texture transforms into a formula with a soft-focus effect that gives you the perfect balance between a matte and glowy look. The innovative combination of ingredients allows the foundation to adhere to the skin more effectively which creates a long-lasting result that keeps your makeup from fading throughout the day and prevents it from becoming cakey. 

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Uniset® Powder

Our Oil-Absorbing Powder is a shine-controlling loose powder that gives you a soft and silky matte finish. The oil-absorbing features in the powder help set and control excess sebum that escapes the skin throughout the day, making it stay oil free longer. It contains ingredients with a light-diffusing effect that minimizes the appearance of pores and preserves the skin's natural hydration. The powder also comes in a new clever jar that is leakage-proof and you can twist it until you get just the right amount of powder that you prefer.

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Oil-Absorbing Primer

Our shine-controlling primer is designed to give you a silky smooth finish that improves the longevity of your makeup. Its highly oil-absorbing properties control excess sebum in the skin and actively helps your skin stay matte and oil free for longer whilst keeping the skin moisturized. It contains ingredients with light-diffusing effects that minimizes the appearance of fine lines and pores.

Uniset® Primer