Shade Sample x2 Uniset® Foundation

50 SEK

Color 1: Shade 10
Color 2: Shade 30
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We are thrilled that you want to try our foundation! Here, you can order two shade samples to find the perfect match for your skin tone. 

Please note that we can only send shade samples within Sweden. 

With your order, we will email you a code that gives you a -50 SEK on the purchase of our foundation. This way, the samples become completely free if you decide to buy our foundation in a 30 ml size. 

We fill the jars manually and ship them separately in a small envelope. If you also order other products, you will receive two deliveries: one with the shade samples and one with your full-sized products.

Tip! If you have oily skin or want your base to last a very long time, you can add our primer and powder. Our formulas are designed to work together, making the base incredibly long-lasting on the skin.

More information

Want to order more than two shades?
No problem! Every two additional shades will cost 50 SEK. Please note that the discount code will apply a total discount of 50 SEK, even if you buy samples for a higher amount.

Code Validity: 

  • Valid for 30 days after purchasing the shade samples 
  • Only applicable for the purchase of Uniset® Lightweight Foundation 30 ml or Uniset® Trio 
  • The code can be used for a single purchase
  • You need to use the same email address that you used when ordering the shade samples 

Can you buy testers for more Minolei products?
We would love to send samples of more makeup products, but since our innovative formulas are sensitive to air exposure, we only send samples for foundation shade selection.

Our primer and powder come in transparent shades, making it easy to choose the right one.

Application tips

Try the shades as soon as possible. The innovative formula is a bit sensitive to air exposure when not in its original packaging, so we recommend testing the shades as soon as you receive them. Therefore, these samples are solely for shade selection.

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Do I need all 3 products?

The products work great on their own or paired up, depending on the results you desire and how challenging it is for your base makeup to hold.

When using the entire trio together, you achieve a new level of long wear! This can be especially beneficial in hot climates, on sweaty days, during physical activities, and on oily areas.